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Glowire Information

Glowire is an electroluminescent wire.  It has a central copper wire with a phosphorus material coating and two tiny transmitter wires wrapped around it.  It is then covered by a PVC coating and finally a colored vinyl coat.  The color is achieved by the vinyl coating.  The natural color of the wire is aqua.

A driver is needed to make the wire glow.  The driver takes the voltage from a DC power souorce and inverts it to 120 volts AC.  When connected to a power source and driver the charge creates a beautiful 360 degree glow very similar to neon.

We have several different drivers available depending on the length of GLOWIRE you need to run and the power source you intend to use.  You can find information about the drivers on the Glowire Drivers tab.

We carry four different diameters of GLOWIRE. 

  • General purpose GLOWIRE is 2.3mm
  • Heavy duty GLOWIRE is 3.2mm and has some UV protection
  • Thin GLOWIRE is 1.2mm and has a very thin layer of PVC coating
  • High Brightness GLOWIRE is 2.6mm and is approximately 50% brighter than regular GLOWIRE

General purpose, heavy duty, and thin GLOWIRE are all the same internally, they just have different layers of PVC coating.  The high brightness GLOWIRE has a different chemical composition and the wire is a bit sturdier.  It also has a shortened life - approximately 550-800 hours.

GLOWIRE is available in 10 different colors: aqua, blue, green, lime, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow.  The brightest colors are lime, aqua, and yellow.  Some of the colors are not "true" colors.  Green is more of a teal color and blue can look aqua at lower frequencies.  Aqua is more green at lower frequencies and more blue at higher frequencies.  Yellow and orange are pretty similar in color - the orange is just a bit darker.  The driver you select will determine the frequency and look of your GLOWIRE.

GLOWIRE can be installed on nearly any surface using a variety of fastening methods.  Super glue, vinyl glue, and silicone adhesive are suitable for permanent applications.  For temporary applications clear tape, double sided tape, low temp hot glue, tie wraps or plastic clips may be used.